Deluxe and MyFed ASIA Join Forces to Build Global IP Broadcasting Hub in Malaysia

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Los Angeles, CA, London, UK, Cyberjaya, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia (April 19, 2016) – Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. (Deluxe) and MyFed Asia announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a Global IP Broadcasting Hub and services platform that provides end-to-end management, manipulation, delivery and aggregation of content for MyFed Asia’s Over-the-Top (OTT) TV Federation and its alliances in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Both companies will undertake the initiative to enable and drive growing new media and IP broadcast business opportunities in Asia.

Deluxe and MyFed Asia will combine innovative technology and proven expertise to help traditional TV broadcasters and content owners transform to deliver content via the Global IP Broadcasting Hub leveraging highly efficient compression cloud video processing, cost effective and superior performance content delivery network, which can scale from streaming to personal devices to enterprise and global-scale platforms, expanding market reach for content monetization. Both companies intend to begin the project in June 2016 starting with 50 OTT play out channels, with the ability to expand rapidly to 1000 channels across Asia.

MyFed Asia has completed the successful global brand launch of KLIX, the world’s first OTT TV Federation platform, on 12th April 2016 in Broadband TV Connect Asia 2016, Jakarta. This revolutionary OTT platform unifies linear traditional TV broadcasters, content owners, SVOD service providers, last-mile providers and global e-commerce partners. KLIX reduces the bandwidth requirement by 3 to 5 times whilst delivering a better connected experience. As a result, KLIX has lowest cost for content distribution and more importantly enabling “fiber-like” triple-play services experience via 3G/LTE network. The business model embraces the concept of a global shared economy and content federation commerce offering an upside revenue for every member of the federation. It has also developed strategic alliances with HiSense, a world class manufacturer of home appliances for manufacturing of next generation KLIX streaming device.

Deluxe joins MyFed Asia’s select group of best-in-class alliance to provide the foundation of the Global IP Broadcasting Hub: Deluxe MediaCloud, the industry’s first commercially deployed, software-defined broadcast platform, and as a strategic technology partner and consultant providing playout, media management, transcoding, digitization and restoration, and distribution services delivering high quality content via KLIX OTT platform.

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