MyFed Asia’s market research indicates, there is a fast growing community of 1.2 billion ‘connected’ citizens living in Asia. There are 60 million Asians working and living in another Asian country whilst an estimated 40 million Asian migrants working and living abroad in USA and Europe. MyFed Asia targets to attract 2-5 percent of these Asian population and Asians living abroad.


However, majority of these connected Asians are using cellular network. KLIX envisioned to be the digital home for 100 million connected Asians all over the world. Our strategy is to formulate strategic partnership with the industry players. KLIX video and cloud data compression technology which lower the bandwith consumption 3 to 5 times will now enable cellular as the delivery method of choice.

Most of industry players believe the future of TV is apps. This fact is well supported by a growing number of SVOD apps. KLIX provides a simple solution to discover media across multiple apps using our universal search engine. In addition, KLIX’s unique social media feature i.e. Friends’ Feed act as advanced recommendation engine to boost media consumption.